Details of the Current Programme

October 2016


1st  Brownfield – Byrne Hot Five + 1- the Quintet was conceived in 2009 by Jamie and Liam to embrace the trumpet/tenor tradition of the 1950s. Since then, the group’s repertoire has expanded to embrace much earlier forms of jazz and, in many respects, reflects also the sounds of their much appreciated Hot Six. Once again, the description ‘from Dixieland to Duke’ seems appropriate. High standards of musicianship combined with the energy of youth!


8thSavannah Jazz Band – yes – here they are again making their final appearance for 2016.  We do believe them when they say they really enjoy playing in Bozza – wonderful audience, wonderful atmosphere and the best Jazz Club in the UK!


 15th - Basin Street Brawlers – recommended to us and making a first appearance is this five piece group of master musicians from London “which swings and stomps its way through the most beautiful melodies and raucous rags of the 1929s and ‘30s.” (Their words – not mine!)  The band has appeared at the Royal Albert Hall and is much in demand for functions and corporate events in the capital.  Now all that’s left to is to conquer Boston  Spa!  £10.


22nd – Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants – the irrepressible Kevin on trombone most ably supported by two of our favourite stars – John Hallam on reeds and Jamie Brownfield on trumpet. Then add a swinging rhythm section with Jack Coterill on drums and a more than lively evening is guaranteed! £10


29th – Freetime Old Dixie Jass Band – probably the most popular traditional jazz band in the Netherlands and the undoubted stars of the annual Enkhuizen Jazz Festival. One of those groups which just envelopes the audience with its sheer enthusiasm and “joie de vivre”. Do join us. £10


November 2016


5th - T J Johnson + Jamie Brownfield – now here’s a humdinging start to November. Not only T J – one of the UK’s finest jazz and blues singers – but also Jamie (once again!) – one of the young rising stars of the jazz scene. TJ is an accomplished pianist and a true ambassador for music ranging over jazz, blues, soul, country and gospel. This will appeal to a wide audience. – so get there early! £10


12th - John Hallam + Art Theman + Tom Kincaid Trio – our beloved John needs no introduction nor does Tom K. Art Theman is a stunning saxophonist whose day job was as an orthopaedic surgeon! His musical career began with the Cambridge City Jazz Group. We heard Art play with John and Tom at one of John’s Lake District weekends – a truly class act. One of the real gentlemen of Jazz. £10


19th – Washington Whirligig – a welcome return for a Yorkshire band blowing up a storm wherever it appears. In terms of style, this is Chicago type Dixieland jazz at its best presented with verve and enthusiasm. Highly recommended.


26th – Anne’s 80th Birthday Bash with Frank Brooker’s Happy Chappies – yes – the lady on the door who makes parting with your hard earned a pleasure and the longest serving JITS person. Just wouldn’t be the same without her! Anne has requested the Happy Chappies for her party evening and who would disagree. Our local hero Frank on reeds with Greg Wadman on trumpet and all driven along by our favourite drumming man, Rod McNamara. Miss this one at your peril!


Many thanks for all your support.